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shadow SA trigger issue- hammer falls to half cocking possition


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Hello guys

I have seen a shadow in my club that behaves strangly

It is regular ( not conversion to SA only) Shadow SP01

At SA when you slightly pres the trigger the hammer goes back and then falls to " half cock"

What could be the issue?

I even found youtube video of someone. Perhaps from this forum?

Anyway what could be an issue?

I replaced hammer ,connector and sear as a set from brand new ( never used) - didn't help

Didn't replace sear cage ( ejector)

Thank you kindly

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I think the problem is with the trigger bar and/or trigger bar spring. Make sure the trigger bar is not binding and moves smoothly. Increase the upward pressure on the trigger bar by the trigger bar spring. Also, it is possible for one of the two arms of the trigger bar spring to slip off the trigger bar. I think what is happening is the lack of pressure on the trigger bar by the trigger bar springs allow the trigger bar to not engage the sear mechanism with enough pressure and when you pull the trigger the trigger bar slips off the sear mechanism with proper sear disengagement.

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MFP4073- I have replaced searcage with sear as a set from working shadow. Still the problem remains

the sear cage at the rear side has no "excessive play up and down" - the regular one

the only thing that I didn't replace is a trigger bar- the gun made 700 rounds at most

Sounds like you are narrowing it down. I mentioned the cage because my pistol was dropping to half cock position when I would pull the trigger very slowly in SA mode. It turned out the cage was moving up and down in the back so much it would let the hammer go. I sent it back to CZC and they tightened it up by peening the sear cage "forks" that go under the frame lip so it could not move up an down any more. That solved my problem several thousand rounds ago.

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Mine was doing the same thing. Was driving me crazy. Thought it may of been the set screw in the trigger. When I found out it wasn't that I gave it to my boss Mink. He fixed it in like 5 minutes. Now it's flawless!!


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