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165 grain 40 minor with BE or WAP/Silhouette..


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I have been getting by with our 9mm in production,

but am looking for an even softer recoil impulse.

I am running 124s in 9mm at 1030 fps.

For .40 I have WAP/Silhouette or Bullseye

Running 165s at 6.1 of WAP is a little light, gives me right at 750fps but will not reliably cycle.

6.5 to 6.7 -ish gives me a 900 fps and great cycling,

I will try some 6.3 to 6.5 and see if I can have cycling and that light feel at about 850.

If anyone has a load with BE or WAP/Sil in .40 minor please let me know.

I tried to make one with my 180s, but at a little over minor PF it also is not a reliable cycling load. This will be in an E2 Beretta and I am trying to avoid going to lighter springs.

Thank you for any info.

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Thank you. I also forgot to say, the 6.1 WAP/Ramshot Sil. load gives a few gas blow backs per mag as well, just too under powered. With big standard deviations, etc. The 6.5 works great, but at 900 fps is slightly more recoil than my 9mm 124s at 1050 fps. I just loaded up some 6.3 to try. I am hoping that gives me a consistent 800 fps with no blow back and a tight SD. And I hope is feels like less recoil than the 9mm. Anyways, that is what I am going for. Sad thing is I am on my last pound of it. I have a ton of Bullseye. I will try your Bullseye load when I am out, what fps is it giving you? I used to keep things simple, 5.0 of Bullseye for 9mm 115s, 40 180s, 10mm 200s, and .45 230s. But that was just to make reliable, decent ammo. No goals for recoil, extra accuracy, PF, etc.

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I think you will find that as with most guns I have tried in 40cal, you will need something like the low to mid 140's power factor to run the gun. So something in the 860-ish range for velocity with 165grn bullets will probably be required with stock springs.

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Thank you. If I can only get down to 140 with stock springs, and have to go to lighter springs for a 130 PF or so, where does the decrease in perceived recoil come from? I have shot two different 40 minors just as a test from a buddy at a range, and they felt like shooting a light 38 in a big heavy 357. My 900 fps loads felt a good bit less recoil than Walmart WWB 180s, or even Federal Champion 180s, but not less snappy than the 9mms I have. My whole goal is to shoot production with as little perceived recoil as possible with a dominant hand that has 75% grip strength now and is sore as hell even after just 150 or so 9mms. Sorry for all the questions, I had 9mm, 45, and 10mm pistols since the 80s, and just bought my first 40 a year ago. I am still getting the hang of it.

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OK, 6.3 grains of WAP/Ramshot Silouhette is a good load.

Fully function,

no occasional blowback from under power.

Clocks at 850 with 165 grain PD FMJs.

It also follows the train of thought that going much below 140 PF will take a lighter recoil spring, and that it is hard to get down to 125-130 PF in .40 without having the weak load blow back. A little more "push" than 9mm 115s at 1130fps or 124s at 1040 fps, but less "snappy" than either. But preferable to the 1000 fps-ish WWB and FC 100 round Walmart boxes. Now, did not have any around to try, when can get components again going to make the WAP 5.3 grain 180s I was shooting at about 810 fps. Those worked great. But want to see how the compare in perceived recoil.

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