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Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun 2013 -- October 17-19 at Rockcastle Shootin

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The 2013 BRM3G Championship is being held October 17-19 at Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, KY. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there, and are working on making this year's match better than ever. DPMS is our title sponsor, and we have commitments from many of the folks who have supported us in the past. Check out last year’s sponsors on the BRM3G Sponsor Page!!

Applications for returning shooters (those who have shot the match at least once before) are now available here: BRM3G 2013 Returning Shooter Application. You can type in the information required, then you must save and print the document. Pay attention to the instructions on the application page. On April 15th, the standard applications will be posted and new shooters can get their applications in the mail.

If anyone is interested in working as an RO, please send me an email at afh3g@yahoo.com.

Happy Easter,


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will be first time out to this one if I can get registered......I've heard great and horrible stories about hidden targets that aren't painted, and placed on the ground behind trees....looking forward to it!

BRM3G isnt that bad... its never been anything like that mud pistol stage at the Midwest 3-gun back in 2010(?)

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Is the new to BRM3G competitor application form supposed to be available today? Do we know about what time the form will be posted? I apologize for the tone of the inquiry, just learned my day is going to be more busy than originally planned and I didn't want to miss getting an application out in today's mail if possible.

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