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Finally Pulled the trigger! Briley Tube Ext and Review


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I finally pulled the trigger on a set of Briley Tube extension ... Ordered the +10 tube with the +1 and +2 coupler...

The Kit from www.PowerFactorShooting.com comes with:

-8 round or 10 round matte black magazine extension

-Extension Coupler in your choice of a 1+ or a 2+ (1+ could get you 2 extra rounds, and a 2+ could -possibley get you 4 rounds, depending on ammo and shotgun)

-Magazine Clamp with sling stud.

-Magazine extension Spring

-Magazine extension Cap

-light weight Follower

I currently have a JM Pro 22" which I modified by adding a Choate pistol grip stock, adding a Nordic Xl 1-1/2" end cap (with the stock spring gave me 10 in the tube ), a Choate Charging handle, a TruLock Modified Stainless Extended Choke and a ETA big tang safety...


Mossberg JM Pro 24" and Mark Otto Load 2 Vest ready for 3Gun by rippspeed1, on Flickr

I will compare the briley and the nordic tube because no one has done a side by side and review on them... It should be here in a week or 2 ... Stay Tuned !!!

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