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Tac and 52gr Spitzer (plastic tip bullet)


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I bought some 52gr blemished spitzers from MidWay Usa Today, you get what you can these days also some 68gr Competition bullets.

I've been loading with TAC and have a good supply source, so I'd like to stick with it, but then how much? These will be used for those short range CQB IDPA styple matches not 3 Gun, I have a good supply of 69gr SMK's for 3-Gun.

So how much Tac on a 52gr plastic nose spitzer? (no idea the brand).

For the 68gr Boat Tails I'll just stick with my 24.1gr load of TAC should work ok?

My new expendable non 3-gun rifle is a 16" mid lenth gas port with Rolling Thunder Comp, cheapola from RGuns, not a 500 yard rig.

Thanks for the help. I know I searched but didn't find it.

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I spent a lot of time and lead perfecting the grouping with Hornady FMJ 55's with BLC2 then repeated with TAC and 69gr SMK's. Don't want to do that for 500 of a bullet I'll never use again, unless politicians go ape again. Just somthing decent that will group an inch or so at 50 yards.

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