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Primer color reference?

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Actually, if you look closely at Hodgdon Clays, you can see it has little yellow rings mixed into the powder flakes that are supposedly unique as an identifier... :rolleyes:

Ahhh, but here is the test. If I gave you a mason jar full of it with no labels would you trust enough to just load it up and shoot it as clays?
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Ya got me there.

Interestingly enough, I'd be willing to put any appropriately sized primer into my own PISTOL practice round (my practice ammo is 9mm minor and well within published load specs for the powders I use). After all, I don't know of any published load book that specifies a particular primer, granted that it is expected to use small pistol for small pistol, etc.. It might not be optimal, but I don't see it as dangerous - just something I'd accept, like mixed brass. Match ammo and major are different stories, though, definitely, and I would not recommend this to anybody else as a safe practice, just what I personally am willing to consider doing.

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By texture of course. CCI and federals are much smoother than winchesters. But of course blind reloaders won't be able to see the yellow specks in clays. lol

Will these same blind reloaders also be shooting?

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