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Tuning an STI Edge for a Backup Gun


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I have just taken delivery of my Gan's 2011 build and have been thinking about what to do for a backup gun. I have always had a backup gun, I had 2 M&P 40 Pros and I currently have 2 Tanfoglio Elite Limiteds. So last weekend while surfing the different gun sites I come across a pretty great deal on a brand new STI Edge and decided might as well. Took delivery of it today and ever since i made the decision to buy the Edge I have been making a list of improvements I plan to make to it. The list includes:

Dawson FO front sight 160T x .100W

STI Mag Release Oversized Button 4x40

Dawson Posi-Lock

DP STI-SV 2011 HiCap Ice Magwell, Black

SVI Trigger Body Wide Black

SVI Short Flat Trigger

In addition to these items I need to have the beaver-tail safety and the slide lock disabled and trigger job without approaching the cost of my custom built 2011. With the gun and the parts I am right at $2,000.00. Can I accomplish this and have I forgotten anything on my list for another $400 or $500?

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