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Comp Cleaning Tips?


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Anyone have any tips for cleaning their comps? Took my SJC Titan off after this past weekends match. Lots of carbon buildup - some was starting to extend into the bore. I figure it was contributing to some inaccuracy issues I've been having. Soaked it in Pro M7 for 2 days and went to work scraping and even used a drill with a brush. I've got about 90% of it off. Any tips or should I just clean it more often?

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a mixature of 50% Hydrogen peroxide and 50% white vinger. Soak for 1 mintute, clean and repeat. It will discolor bluing but works great on stainless.

I've had this work for lead buildup but not carbon.

Years ago I put a hardchromed comp into the mixture and got an emergency call. By the time I got back (a day or two later) the comp was ruined.

It will eat up carbon steel.


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