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Bushing or Bull questions

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I am starting a new limited build. I have a standard length wide frame. I am thinking of building the gun with a bushing barrel so I could use it in IDPA if I wanted or needed to. How much more does a bull barrel weigh than a bushing barrel? I had a full length dust cover bull barrel gun before and I always prefered the way I could point my Eagle 9mm better. I know the weight helps tame the recoil of the .40 but could that be pretty much offset by using a tungsten guide rod? Any thoughts on this?

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I don't think the weight difference is all that much.

Personally I prefer bull/sleeved barrels because they are easier to take apart and are more durable. Over the years I've had one or two bushings break and I've seen 2-3 bushings break for other people.

I haven't shot IDPA in a long time. I would think that you would have to take a couple of parts off in a typlical USPSA limited gun to play in IDPA. Then put it back on when shooting Limited. That would be a hassle to me.

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Yes you can cut and re-crown a 6" to a 5". Just need a good Smith to do it.

It may require new over sized ID bushing if the barrel has a taper from the muzzle. Best bet is to just get a 5", most likely, it will be just a few dollars more to get the new barrel.

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