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I was just wondering why someone would tapper one of the locking lugs like this I've never seen this..it has about .006 thousands end play..? This is a 5in. 40 with a bull barrel with about 3000 rounds.....


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That is a product of a bad barrel fit. The hood is compacted pretty bad, I've seen this on factory guns. Option one, the taper was formed during fit. Option 2 an inexperienced gunsmith attempted to fix it. Option 3 a 5 year old fit the barrel and it formed from use. I'm surprised the slide didn't crack, what does the slide look like?

I'd recommend a new slide and barrel. Fitting a new barrel will do the trick, but the slide might be wasted. You can do a cheap fix and refit the barrel, but know the slide might give out and the barrel might be too far gone.

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