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USPSA Special Classifier match @ Atlanta Conservation Club (IN) March

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The March USPSA Pistol match will be held on SATURDAY the 30th at the Atlanta Conservation Club range in Atlanta, Indiana.

For details, location and our full calendar of events check out our website at Atlanta Conservation Club. It has the full year’s calendar of events.

This is a Special Classifier match to start the year. If you want to shoot the Production/Single Stack/Revolver Championship Match in April and you are not classifed here is your chance!!! Second gun/divison will be at a discount but will be shot on a different run. After everybody has shot through with thier first gun/divison..

Set-up is at 9:00 am, Registration at 10, Shooters meeting at 10:45. First shot immediately after the meeting. NOTE the slightly later start time! Gives us some time to setup and for mother nature to warm up! This is a one-off make up match, start time will go back to normal on the 14th of April.


will close at the start of the Shooters meeting.

Your help with setup and tear down is greatly appreciated. Please help tear down your last stage and put props away

RULES: Current USPSA pistol rules - refer to


MATCH FEES: $25 per shooter. RO’s and Setup Crew reduced rates

$5.00 Discount for ACC members

There will be 6 stages. Round count is approximately 70

Classifiers will be---

1. Bang n Clang http://www.uspsa.org...fiers/99-62.pdf

2. On the Move http://www.uspsa.org...fiers/03-09.pdf

3. Front sight http://www.uspsa.org...fiers/99-23.pdf

4. Times Two http://www.uspsa.org...fiers/99-10.pdf

5. Take your Choice http://www.uspsa.org...ers/cm99-12.pdf

6. Mini-Mart http://www.uspsa.org...ers/cm99-21.pdf

NOTE: All matches at AtlantaCC are conducted under a COLD RANGE as per USPSA rules. That means all guns must be either holstered (or bagged) at all times, unloaded, hammer down, with no magazine inserted. You may only handle your gun at the direction of the range officer (RO), or in the designated "safe areas." You may not handle any ammunition or loaded magazines in the safe areas! Violation of these or any other safety rules shall result in a match disqualification.

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