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I am having a very hard time understanding the way some suppliers think.

It is very obvious that due to the present political situation there has been a unheard of run on parts and components. I understand this and can accept that I may be waiting awhile to get what I want.

What I don't get is the complete lack of communication, IE: shutting down webstites, two weeks to answer emails, and NEVER answering phones.

Why in the hell would a business owner ever treat return and potential customers in such a manner? I guess I am all srcewed up but I thought the business was built around supply and demand?

I would rather put my order in and recieve an email stating that due to unprecedented demand I would be looking at 5-6 or whatever weeks wait compared to hearing NOTHING.

Since you refuse to allow me to even place an order, I have no idea what to do. Should I go somewhere else and try a new product that I might not like? What if I like and you lose a customer?

I know what I have in stock. If you could at least communicate and allow me to get in line somewhere so I had some idea of a time line you might keep me as a loyal customer!

I will by damn guarantee ford or chevy don't quit answering the phones. They keep taking orders and start looking at what they can produce with the materials they can get and start giving ship dates based on that, it's called material and production planning.

Just my thoughts


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I'm no expert, but I have a feeling most of these businesses are 1-2 man shops.

If they answer all the calls they're currently receiving, they won't have any time

to run their business (supply us with goodies). Must be hundreds of calls and

e-mails a day coming in to each of them - way too much to handle.

I'm sure they're doing their best in a difficult time. :cheers:

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Then you add staff to capture market share.

I don't advocate overtime but it's there if needed.

Why not add a 10.00 per hour order person in order to keep the skilled labor running the machines? Do the packaging and shipping and any other less skilled chores.

Train someone to keep it turning on a off shift? Your actual production costs go DOWN if you keep the machine running 8-16 more hours a day.

Just thinking

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This thread was closed because the content/topic was judged not to be in line with the rules of the Hate Forum. (mostly likely politics or shooting related..which are out of bounds)

Please review what you are..ahhh...allowed to hate. :)

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