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1st 3gun pistol - Used CZ 75B or new FNX-9?

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I am interested in trying 3gun this season. I will be totally new to competition. My current pistol is a compact and so not appropriate. I've wanted an FNX-9 for quite a while. I might be able to get a (very) used standard CZ-75b for less than the FNX though.

Will the standard CZ still have most of the characteristics that make CZs so popular for competition? Will if be that much better than the FNX for a beginner?

I haven't used either yet, and will likely not be able too before purchasing. I had used a friends FNP a few years ago and really liked it. For the purposes of simplifying the question, assume I can adapt to the ergonomics of either choice.

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After writing this, I considered the Grand Power K100 pretty seriously, but ended up buying a lightly used CZ 85 Combat. I will be picking it up at my FFL early next week, just in time to test it and then go to my local USPSA101 class the following weekend and the classifier the next day. Have belt, BT DOH and mag pouch on the way too. Thanks for the feedback.

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