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Slim Hawg range report


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I recently purchased a Para Slim Hawg for a carry. I know they no longer make this model... but you can still find them from time to time. This is my first Para to own. After reading the mixed reviews I still chose it over the colt defender and kimber carrys.

How it compares: It's about a 1/4 inch shorter than a colt defender. It has a ramped barrel. And cheaper than similar compact carry 1911's. I recently took it to the range and was very surprised at how accurate it was. I was able to keep very tight groups out to 15 yards. The gun did have a little more kick then I was expecting, but I'm used to shooting full size 1911's. I put 200 rounds through it with no hiccups. The gun feels solid and has a tight lock up. The factory trigger was very nice also. Over all I believe you get a lot more bang for your buck with the slim hawg then you do with other sub-compact 1911's. It is easy to conceal and I would recommend this gun to anyone that was looking for a 45 carry. I hope this helps someone out as there isn't to much info out there on this gun.

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