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Anyone shooting the Bayou 9mm 160gr out of an M&P?


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Did for a while with bullseye then longshot because of tumbling issues. Ultimately determined there was not really any advantage to 160s over 147s after you consider all the additional problems they created. Higher pressures more picky about powders and amounts it took to stabilize them so they didn't tumble. Also the cost factor.

Others opinions may differ but it just wasn't worth it for me.

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I tried the 160's loaded long (1.15ish) and really could not tell the difference between them and my 147's with N320. I don't have my load data on them here at work but I got the load off of the forum here. I seem to remember 2.8ish of N320.

Some links from the search function on this subject with load data:




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I have shot 160gr out of my M&P Pro loaded to about 1.15 with 3.0gr of N320. It makes about 135pf and doesn't group worth anything, we're talking about shotgun patterns at 25 yards.

I'd stick to 124s or 147s at the most, in my experience the M&P does not stablize heavy bullets enough to make them accurate.

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