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VibraPrime problem


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My new VibraPrime has an issue. Every primer tips into the hole and won't drop through to the tube. I tried feeding them slower or faster but no difference. I'm loading Win SPP and using the correct end of the flip tray and correct filler tube. Any ideas? I was stoked to get it and I'd hate to have to take it back.

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One of my chainsaw files is small and fine so I used that to groom the drop hole a little. That helped a lot, just a little more work to get it perfect. The primers drop much better into the Dillon tubes, some better than others. I might file a little bevel into the end of the primer tubes that don't feed so well. I should actually clean them first, that might be all it takes.

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My new Vibraprime arrive last week via Natcho's.

I had to deburr mine as well as described above. Large primers were not a issue but on the small primer side that hole

had a teeny burr causing issues.

I also polished the tubes inside with the aide of a appropriate sized barrel mop and polishing compound. THis last really wasn't needed I

just like polishing things for no apparent reason.

Works great for me now. Small and large primers with no more tilting at the hole and getting jammied sideways.

I use the tubes that came with the VibraPrime. I don't know why people don't like em. They work just fine for me transfering

the primers from the VibraPrime tube direcd to my Dillon 650 press.

I did however put a additional chamfer on the end of the VibraPrime aluminum primer tubes to aide a closer fit to the primer

magazine cap on the 650.

I see no need for my current Dillon primer pickup tubes. I sold the spare ones I had on Ebay for some PHAT PROFITS and am sitting here wondering why not sell the last two I have for yet more obscene profit. Eh, I better keep them in case

the batteries die on my new vibrator.

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