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Versa Barrel removal


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OK, I feel a little stoopid but I can't get the barrel off the receiver on my brand new unfired versa tactical.

Just going through a tear down prior to first shots to learn the gun.

This is my first auto scattergun ever after always running ou and pump.

I've done some light bumping with wood to try and get the barrel to separate but no joy. The bolt is locked back and the safety engaged as per the manual.

Any suggestions?

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Zombie model VM’s barrel is tough to pull off?

After watching a few episodes of the ‘Walking Dead” zombie show and seeing how easily their zombie arms and heads pop off there has to be a joke in here somewhere…I’m just waiting for someone to make it up! :goof:

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Add me to the list of versamax stuck barrels.

I got the zombie edition this winter because it was the only thing I could get my hands on and I walked out with it thanks to cabelas bucks for less than a black tactical model (that wasnt available )

I finally got mine off by inserting a screwdriver handle up against the chamber and beating the blade with 8oz nylon hammer. I've taken it off 3 times now and it's not getting any easier to put it on or take it off. None of the other techniques worked, kroil soak, backwards shell, light hammer to the bolt handle.

Any recommendation on what to use to strip this graphics paint?

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