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Here's my problem!


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I loaded some .223 and noticed that near the end of the run of 200 bulles that I had some spillage of power on my Shell Plate. I figured I was going to fast for the H335 to drop through the Powder Funnel. I slowed down.

55 grain FMJ bullet, 21.5 gr of H335

Went to the range and set up the Crony. Shot from a 16" gas carbine.






So in five rounds I had a spread from 2607 to 2798???

I pulled the powder funnel and it looked like the picture below.

Problem solved.


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I could swear that I used alcohol and a pipe cleaner to clean it before loading. I do that to remove any oil used on them used for storage longer then a month. I guess I did a good oil job or a crappy cleaning job. Next time I will wash it with Dawn in the kitchen and finish cleaning it with alcohol.

Don't be like me. Clean and polish everything!

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I missed typed my load data. It should have read 55 grain FMJ bullet, 23.0 grains of H335, CCI Small Rifle primers. The load functions perfectly in the carbine.

My target speed is 2750 to 2775.

I like lighter loaded rounds...easier on the brass.

I just ordered a .300 AAC Blackout Barrel for this gun so I might be done loading .223 Rem forever. I have one .300 AAC gun and I love it so much that I am changing out the barrel on the other. I see no reason to shoot .223. Shooting either subsonic with a 230 gr lead bullet that I can cast myself or supersonic with an all copper Barnes 110 gr bullet, it makes the gun fit more rolls then just a .223 Rem by itself.

Oh yea, I like loading 300 AAC more than .223. Bigger powder funnel, faster pour.

Load safe!

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Thanks for the loading tip. When I can buy some reasonably priced H335 I will make a run pushing it up to 25 grains.

I changed my photo to force me to remember to check everything.....and then check it again.

An old mentor of mine used to say "When one plus one does not equal two, take a closer look at the ones!"

Have a great day.

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I am running 26.3 grains of H335 under a 52 grain Hornady BTHP bullet and the Sierra.

52 Grain Hornady BTHP, Lake city brass once fired, Federal Match Primer, 26.3 grains of H335 Powder. Seated to 2.230 oal

Accuracy 1.36 (100 yards)

Avg speed 3133

Spread 118

SD 48

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