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Difference's in Clay's Powder question


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I have noticed alot of shooters using clays for 9mm minor loads. I found a good supply recently at a LGS, before buying I want to make sure I get the right Clay's powder. I see there is Clay's, Clay's International & Universal Clay's.

Which is the best for 9mm minor & what is the difference or uses for each?


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Plain Clays is the fastest of the 3 powders, International Clays is a shot shell only powder (I understand it gets weird pressure spikes in handgun rounds) Universal Clays is a medium burn rate powder similar to Unique. depending on bullet selection you can make minor with either Clays or Universal.

as for witch is the better powder that is a personal preference thing. I burn quite a bit of Clays in minor loads with heavy bullets in .38, 40, and 45


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