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Dillon 650 users loading Titegroup, powdercheck Q?

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How sensitive is the Dillon powdercheck system? I am using an RCBS lock-out die on my Hornady LNL AP, while it works I am concerned that its sensitivity using this powder is less than what I would like. I'm loading 4.2 grains and it appears that its range of detection is +/- 2-2.5 grains. While adequate to detect a no-powder or double charge situation, I have had a couple of semi-squib situations where the bullet barely exited the muzzle. I'm not really a fan of Titegroup for this reason but in light of the present component shortage and the fact that I won a 4 lb container last year I will use it until its gone. I prefer bulkier powders. I've seen a couple of videos on you-tube on how to adapt a Dillon powdercheck to the LNL and the idea intrigues me.

No need to tell me that I should have gotten the Dillon 650 in the first place guys, the thought did cross my mind several times. The LNL has its issues, and I have loaded on the 650 also, both have their strong points. BTW- I have been the owner of a Dillon 500 (partially upgraded 450) for about 30 years.

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I have been reloading 40's and nine's with nothing but TightGroup. Set the powder charge with a scale then set the powder checker for the middle of the V-grove. Will have a "chirp" from time to time, check it with the scale and it is right on. Think that comes from the different case volumes. Never had squib or a kaboom. Will not load without it by choice.

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Buddy and I checked his Dillon powder check and it didn't even register until it was at least .5 grains plus or minus. Like it was mentioned earlier Dillon says the powder check is only designed to detect double charges or a no charge not minor variations. That's why I use a Hornady powder cop... Used carefully you can detect differences down to .1 or .2 grains just by watching the indicator.

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