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Just fitted my AP carbon fiber hand guard. I was a bit hesitant after using a rail system but since I went to a heavier barrel I was looking to drop weight. I am 100% satisfied. What a great product. Very strong feeling and a solid install with easy to follow instructions. And no glue at all !!! Thanks to AP for a solid product!!!


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Have a 14" with a skinny 16" super light set up. I actually hook my index finger over the leading edge of the handguard, thumb over the top. Little more stable for me.

AP's designs far exceeds anything else on the market, and he is, a hell of a nice guy.

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I've never held a carbon fiber handguard. They look like they would be slick, am I wrong?

They aren't as grippy as say the Troy Alpha with all the little holes, but I don't find my hand slipping on their handguards at all. Very solid lockup as well.

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JP tubes are super heavy especially when compared to the AP carbon tubes. I'd bet the AP 15" is the lightest FF tube you can buy. It's light!

I own/owned the PRI, Carbon Arms, and AP carbon tubes. I don't think I've ever considered them slick in the slippery sense before now.

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