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CA Bay area gun owner and new reloader


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Kinda new, not so new lurker finally jumping on board.

Originally a Texan, now trapped in a non-gun friendly state with many others, living the dream. At least the scenery and weather is great.

My wife is also an avid shooter, and has rapidly progressed in accuracy and form ( way better than I am, in fact). We've buckled down and started to purchase components, ahead of the impeding backorder for a dillon 650, YES and 650. We've been hangin' with range buddies and have had a chance to play with both the 550 and 650, so we're not running into this blind.

I think that sums us up... wish us luck and lotsa patience with our quest to find a 650 and components during the worst time in history, thus far.

I/we look forward to learning and contributing to this community.

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