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PractiScore 1.1.0 with IDPA support


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We just posted PractiScore 1.1.0 for Android to https://practiscore.com/ It should appear in Google Play in a next few days.

As before, you can send your feedback and report issues to support@practiscore.com or into PS issue tracker at https://practiscore.com/bugs/

This version introduces IDPA support on Android. Please give it a try and let us know what you think. The main difference from iOS version - "points down" entry is on the same screen as times.

There is also a fix for an 1.0.17 version app crash reported by several users.

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Saw it this morning. :-) Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've done a very small sample test match (2 stages, 1 shooter) but so far I really like what I see. The results report is perfect, IMHO.

It did seem the "foreign" catagory box came up pre checked as if it were the default but can't say for sure if that is going to be a pattern or just a local database issue.

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We've used version 1.1.2. for our April match. It worked quite well. Everyone that did scoring adapted to the user interface easyly and we had not major issues.

The only thing I'd ask for at this time is in the score report, it would be nice if we had a total column for Penelities and Points next to the score total.

Overall, v.1.1.2 is a welcome update, THANKS! :-)

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Thank you Rob for the kind words.

Could you please email your suggestions to support@practiscore.com for others to know too. It would help to see some example report with such column, so we all on the same page.

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