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witness polymer 10mm parts

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Does the henning cone fit guide rod fit in the witness p 10mm. also what other henning parts work or can be easily adapted to work in my new handgun. I intend to mainly feed this pistol loads on the warmer side (double tap, underwood, and handloads). i have already aquired the wolff recoil spring kit and would like to make any other neccesary modifications to ensure a long service life. any suggestions would be greatly appeciated.

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As I tell everyone who wants to run hot 10mm loads, you should probably get the Sprinco Recoil Reducer. Its a 2-stage guiderod that will keep the slide from hitting the frame (and then cracking your slide) when shooting hot rounds out of these guns:


However that polymer framed gun is not built nearly as strong as the steel ones, so I don't know how much of a pounding your gun can take. The block that the guiderod goes into (which is what absorbs all the recoil) is set into the polymer frame and pinned.

IMHO that design won't take a lot of abuse.

That's my $.02.

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If the Sprinco recoil reducer would be easier on the frame then i will go that route. I have no desire to have a 10mm that i cant run hotter loads in. I wanted the lighter weight that the poly offers. I know someone is gonna say should have got a Glock 20, but i cant stand the trigger or grip angle. If i get this gun running well and i believe it will hold up i would love the henning flat trigger system. thanks for the input it is much appreciated.

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