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So I'm been feeling my oats in the home gunsmithing area for the past few years, growing bolder with each project including drilling and tapping my frame, threading barrels, etc. so yesterday I tried a new challenge: cutting a barrel to length. I bought a 9X21 top end for a Tanfoglio because I wanted the comp and slide, so what to do with the basically useless 9X21 barrel? What a perfect candidate for my experiment!


I started by shooting a control group (ten shots at ten yards):


Not bad, but certainly not a tack driver; the barrel started life as a 9X19, then was reamed to 9X21 and the lands of the rifling were cut back some too, which may be to blame for the group (certainly not my abilities!).

Then I proceeded to hack a brutal, crooked cut with a chop saw:



And shot a second group of ten shots at ten yards:


I'll let you be the judge, but if you ask me, the accuracy remained completely unchanged. Precise 11 degree crown my foot!

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Grinding stone like this chucked up in a dreaded Dremel spun at low speed will give you a remarkably nice crown.. Just let it find a natural center in bore and hold parallel to bore.....

That bit chucked up in my drill press would probably work OK, but I think if I'm going to cut any more barrels, I should probably invest in the crowning tool (or leave them square).

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Looks like a pipe threader, not a lathe!

Another way to get the final burr free crown is a round (slot/phillips) headed brass screw and some lapping compound. I did a few .22's this way and got some improvement.

Neal in AZ

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