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Hornady LNL headspace gage set and comparator insert? Same body?

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If I was to purchase the LNL headspace gauge 5 bushing set could i then purchase the single LNL comparator insert? I want to know if the piece that holds the headspace gauge is the same or compatable with the bullet comparator insert. I am only loading .308 and do not need the full comparator set if i can save some cash.

Is bullet comparator body the same as the bushing comparator body?

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Edit. Nevermind I misread your question.

Your talking about the headspace set up. I am unfamiliar with that. Trying to figure out what your asking,

2nd Edit. After looking at some pics of that headspace gauge comparator I say it appears to be a different design than the bullet comparator.

So yah, you would want to order a bullet comparator. You can just buy that comparator by itself and just the 308 bushing.

Or just get that 6 bushing kit with comparator below from my first edit. (sorry for confusion)


That is the basic kit. It comes with the comparator body .

Yes, you only need one comparator body. Period. Works with the inserts, or bushings.

308 in that kit will also work for 303 enfield aka .312 bullets.

Hope that answered your question.

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The body that comes with the cartridge headspace gauge kit (HK66) is the B-2000 body. If you look at the link below, that is the same body listed for use with the comarator set.

I would just call Hornady to confirm. They are very good about answering the phone.


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