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TG960 sights on a JM 930


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Well, I have had the JM a while now, and the guestimating for slugs was just to much. I am not sure why they shoot so high, the have a vent rib, it's not like the sight is a little bead on a front barrel. W Any ways, even after dropping the comb with the included inserts, my son and I were still a foot high at 25m. Better than the 16 inches or so high, but still up there. Various full power and LR slugs were all way high. We decided to stick with Fiocchi LR 1150 FPS 1 0z slugs because they grouped nice. I looked at a lot of sight and finally decided to try the TG960 set. It looked like the front sight was nice and tall compared to stock, and that might be all we needed. Well, it did take us down to about 10 inches too high. DSC00698_zps681a212b.jpg Anyways, we were also hitting about 4 inches to the right. I decided to add the rear sight. We picked the Ghost Ring in the kit as it seemed to be less an issue with clay pigeons. ( I thought the flat sight would be, but you do not notice the circle putting your bead ahead of the clay, works fine) Moving the rear sight a millimeter or two left of center brought our windage dead on for 25m. DSC00697_zpse4bc82a6.jpgPutting it all the way down, if forces you to get low and line up, but still about 5 inches too high at 25 m. We decided to go with it and use a 6 o'clock hold. Which had us dead on. DSC00696_zpsf5dabdc3.jpg The sights are metal, well made, and the FO dots stand out great. The tiny screws and friction holds though, I wince thinking about how well they will hold or what whill happen catching that front sight on a door, etc. Time will tell. I am used to my short pumps with no vent and an on the barrel bead shooting way high, but cannot explain why these are hitting so high from the factory. We did not have a chance to test true POI at 50, 75, and 100 like I wanted, too crowded. Also did not have a chance to go back to clays or test buckshot POI, but will get to it. Just a heads up that these sights fit and work if you are trying to pick a model. One of my no vent pumps was so bad I put the rail on the rear receiver, and clamp on the barrel front rail, and mounted sights to those.

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