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Rem 870 Gear-up


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Mods, if this is placed in the wrong area please feel free to move it. However, I believe the knowledge and expertise I need to tap is here.

I grabbed a screaming good deal on a used 870 express early model, and I'm trying to gear up to keep it as a home defense weapon.

Mag extensions - how long can I go with an 18-1/2 barrel and not have the extension reach past the muzzle? I've targeted the Noveske extension tubes that are in my price range.

Otherwise I'm planning for a side-mounted 200+ lumen light and a basic red-dot (mount acquired) just for fun.

Anything else I should consider?

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An extension that allows seven rounds in the mag tube will likely go past the front of the barrel. From what I have seen, if you want a mag tube that is even with the barrel, six rounds is going to be just about it. The factory Remington extension for six rounds is even with the barrel. I have a seven round extension that goes past the front of the barrel a few inches on my 18 inch barrel.

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