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STI Edge project


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bought an STI Edge last December 2012


out of the box, it was a jammer, using armscor FMJ's to break it in, there was a bit of a rattle to the slide to frame fit

I went to my gunsmith, True Weight inc. and what they did was they reamed/throated the barrel, trigger job and extractor tuning

nice job!

the last round did not feed because the follower(grams) was a bit thick and had to cut it. after that the gun was absolutely flawless....

there was a bit of a rattle everytime i shoot it but when oiled it was tight so i decided to have it hard chromed and have diffrent serrations, brought it to my gunsmith again


and here it is


the edge looked good and shot well, it became tight bec of the chrome but the rattle was still there a little bit

i was able to try a friends STI with a KKM barrel and i noticed that it was far more accurate than my stock STI so i went back to my gunsmith to change the barrel and the hammer/ignition set....



the rattle went away bec the KKM barrel was over sized had more accurate shots and tighter groups.

a short video of the reliability test


and tried it out on a local IPSC match


the gun shoots fun now but the shooter ain't hahahah! will need lots of practice heheheh

off to my next project


wish me luck guys!

special thanks to the Stronghand boys (Alfred, Ted, Alfred, Lewis, Joey and Benjo)

and to my Gunsmith Mr. Roland Tan of True weight inc.

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That Edge certainly came out nicely! I like how the frame flutes follow the serration angle. :cheers:

Is that a bull barrel for the single stack build? Does IPSC allow bullies for the Classic division?

It's a single stack and yes bullies are allowed in ipsc classic div

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Looks nice. I like the slide. Changes it up a bit from every other edge. Congrats

Thanks bro. I plan to buy an extra extractor so that if ever the stock extractor fails i have one ready to go! What brand do you think is better? Ed brown or EGW HD? I find the aftec very expensive. Thanks for your input guys! More power to maku mozu

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