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While I have been waiting on my 9 minor open steel gun to arrive, I been trying to figure out how to load for it. I was under the impression that I would want a 130-140 pf load to generate enough gas to work the comp. Now I wonder if a 100pf fart load that doesn't really work the comp, but it just pure joy to shoot might be the ticket. I ran some 115's with 5 grains of N320, and it was flat, but concussive to say the least. I loaded up some 95's with 6 grains and chrono'd around 1500 fps, but was flat too. downloaded to 5.5 and it was ok, but the dot could barely contain itself in the glass. loaded down to 5.1 and 5, but the comp didn't work at all, and I had a lot sparklers.. obviously not all the powder was burning. I wanted to try dropping even lower, but with all this unburnt powder I'm stumped. should I try a slower powder? run a faster like clays and less of it to mousefart status, or keep with a cooking 95 grain load? so confused.

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My original steel load in my FGW full size open gun was 4.8gr of N320 under a MG 124 CMJ. I started using 115s for major, so I wanted to find a steel load that would feel similar to my major load. I settled on 5.1gr of N320 under a MG 115 JHP. I figured by using a fast-burning powder (like N320) and loading over max published loads, I would keep the pressure up just like my major load. Obviously the major loads hits you harder in the palm, but the dot movement is identical between the two.

One of these days I would like to try a few loads with the MG 95gr JHPs, but I can't justify buying 4K of them without trying them first.

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