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EAA witness ?


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Hey guys im nOOb here, been searching for the right gun for me lately and came across the witness at a local gun shop in town, in fact it seems to be the only one in town and online that i can find besides the poly. anyhow looking for some decent reviews or actually real persons experiences with this gun, and if there is a huge difference between the elite match and just the regular tangfolio wonder?

I have seen trigger upgrades from henning, as well as magwells but is this the only place to get such items? best extra mags to get ? whats the minimun mods i would have to do to start uspsa? thanks guys for your help and support

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The match has a single action trigger, much better top end (slide, barrel, and sights), and has a hard chromed frame which is a more durable finish.

Henning is the best place for parts, but Eric Grauffel also makes parts. You really don't have a choice for mags, MecGar makes both the factory and aftermarket mags. Just be sure they are "new" mags, not old ones (they changed the design a year ago).

The minimum mods you NEED to shoot USPSA? None.

Its hard to say what mods you need without more info on what you want to achieve.

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