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Gen4 G23 ->9mm


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Long story short I've ot a G23 and a G34, both Gen 4's. I absolutely despise the G23 due to the recoil impulse, but I bought it to be able to actually shoot when I can find ammo instead of hoping that they have 9mm.

That said- what will it take to reliably convert the G23 to 9mm? I know I'll have to snag up mags, a conversion barrel, recoil spring unit, and possibly an extractor.

Is there anything I'm missing for this?

I would rather avoid the purchase of a G19, unless the cost of the parts needed to reliably make a G23 funtion as a 9mm exceeds the cost of a new firearm.

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Mags should work between the 23 and 19. I run 22 mags in my 34 and 19 without an issue. It gets a little iffy when I run my 22 mags with the Arrendondo's on them. Conversion barrel and possibly an extractor, not sure. I think the springs are the same, wouldn't swear to it. I know I run the same springs in my 34 and 35.

I have not looked to hard but it should not be that difficult to find a conversion barrel. I don't blame you for wanting to switch. I had a 23 for a while, the only loads that were fun and enjoyable to shoot out of it were production 40 loads. Major loads and factory loads were quite difficult to shoot, at least for me. I moved up to a 22, not much size difference, but night and day on the recoil. I did pick up a 19 and, I hate to admit, it is one of my favorite guns to shoot and it shoots incredibly well.

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