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Modifying your load port for the Quadload


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Alright I've been running a TACCOM Duaload set up for the last year and really like it for the reason that it is so forgiving to use. Especially here in MN where we shoot matches in the winter, the Duaload signifigantly reduces the fumble factor when you can't feel your fingers. Another bonus is it's pretty easy to stay sharp on it with little to no practice. Now watching some of the crazy fast reloads I'm seeing my shooting buddies pull off using the Quadload system (Damn you Payne's), looks like I need to chit or get off the pot.

Anyways I've been practicing the Quadload reloads without caddies a bit and the biggest snag I'm hitting is the top row of shells wanting to catch on the load port as I throw in the first two. Wondering if you guys running a Quadload/Load Four system have done any addition clearancing/porting on the bottom of the shotgun to help the #3&4 shell slid past as you're loading #1&2. Right now I have a pretty square lip there and wondering if I should take some material off the bottom to help the second two shells slip past the port. I've attached a picture of the loading port as it sits now, but I can't see any harm in rolling the sharper angle over and blending it in to the bottom of the reciever. Hopefully that makes sense as I've described it. If any of the shotgun masters on the site think I'm about to do something stupid please let me know. It's always easier to remove metal than it is to put it back.

Here's what she looks like now.


Thanks for any input folks

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If you weren't the direct competition I would give a few suggestions. Oh well.

Joking of course. You can look at my shotgun this weekend. I will say that I opened up Nathan's port less than I did mine and his seems just like yours. He is getting faster reloads than me so I am guessing I just did a better job on his. It would be hard for me to admit that he is just faster than I am .

I forgot to add that I have a photo of my loading port in the thread on "Taccom Quadload" somewhere on this forum.

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Thanks Brian, you actually had me there for a bit. It looks like your load port has a pretty square leading edge on it too and that's where my second row of shells are getting hung up. I was thinking about tapering that out into the bottom of the receiver to help the 2nd row of shells glide past it while loading the first 2 shells. Maybe just need to practice it more, I'll be picking up some caddies this weekend at the match.

For the Quadload technique, it probably doesn't hurt that both you and Nathan are quite a bit bigger than me. Guessing it's a little easier to manage four shells with those canned ham size mitts. Yep, that's right....if you beat me it's only because you're bigger.

okay, maybe you're faster and shoot better too, but it's mostly because you're bigger :roflol: :roflol:

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