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pistol grip vs standard stock


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I go both ways. depends on the weight and balance of the gun for me.

I know some guys that go both ways.... And I'm one of them! :roflol: I been hunting most of my life with a straight stock. Never really messed with a pistol grip til the military and LE. I currently shoot a Benelli M4 with pistol grip. I have no problem picking up an M2 w a straight stock and running it.

Prefernce? For just 3-gun would prob be a straight stock

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I like both also and my preference is the PG. However, when I got my M1 and then an M2 later, I was reading about problems with inertia shotguns and pistol grips along with any extras like side-saddles. Some were reporting that these things caused jams and so forth so I took their advice and started sticking with straight stocks for shotguns. The PG feels more natural though, very similar to the AR rifle I shoot and it felt more consistent switching between the rifle and shotgun.

Good luck

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