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Silver Creek


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The Silver Creek match was great. I got to shoot with most of our team and the club put on an excellent match. We had 162 round count with great weather, we couldn't have asked for better.

As for my match, I shot very well again. Training is paying off. Dryfire with the team and the workout have really pushed my limits. I have much better control of my gun. It doesn't run me anymore, I run it. I was really focusing on my speed, transitions, and movement this match, but I will always strive for more progress. I did end up winning my class at the match.

This week I plan on focusing on my stage stage set-up and movement, movement, movement.This will all be worked on in my dryfire this week with Steve Anderson ( I believe he has and idea or two about dry fire...lol). I will be continuing with the work out and pushing my limits thanks to Bill Seevers . Also, a big focus will be not power stripping my mags out of my gun. Again lots of dry fire.

I will always practice my fundamentals at every start of a training session. Ed has done so much work with me on the basics that I devote my accuracy to him.

Hope to see everyone on the Range!! :goof:

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