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Newer Sigs and extractors - what to watch out for?


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So again I'm fairly new to Sigs. I know that I love my west german 226 and would love to expand my collection. I read a lot of bad buzz about extractors on newer Sigs and was hoping some people could chime in about what the "problem models" might be. Is the issue isolated to 9mm stainless slide guns? I've considered a classic 228 (expensive/difficult to find at the moment) or a 229 in either 9mm or 357 as possible purchases in the future.

Thanks for the info!

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I think some of the issues were more with the X5 series but I may be wrong. I have an X5 All Around but it has been reliable. The few times it didn't extract properly were with reloaded range brass and then only a few times over thousands of rounds. It has worked 100% with factory ammo of all kinds. My other Sigs are older WG models.... A 226 from 1991, a 220 from 1992, and a P6 from 1988. They all work fine.


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