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Gan's IDPA Build


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On the way is a 5" 2011 built by Gan's Guns.

I suppose I made it in just under the wire. Within the last few days I noticed that Gary's site stated he was not taking work until he's caught up. Lucky me. :D


While this build does resemble an STI Eagle, the only thing they share in common is the grip and slide.

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Great looking gun v1911. I know the wait has to be killing you. How long from start to finish?

Sent out the parts on the 5th and will have this in hand on the 13th. Build was complete on the 8th and blued over the weekend.

Nice, is that a blued finish ?

Yes, I asked for a matte finish for the bluing. I'll put some wear on the bluing while I figure out any aesthetics I might want done before getting a costly, more permanent finish done.

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Took custody this morning. The feel is incredible. Not to knock factory STIs, but a custom build by an experienced pistolsmith is something else. Everything feels to tight and crisp. There is absolutely zero play on this gun. From the barrel bushing, slide stop, trigger and grip safety, the fit and finish is incredible. Can't wait to compete with it next week down in Austin. It's too bad that a gun build by a such pro has to be handled with the skills of such an amateur. If nothing else, I'll look good losing! :roflol:



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