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Rockcastle monthly USPSA club match - March 23

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Hello folks!

We've got a gooood match coming together for you this month! And, for the first time we are posting the stage diagrams! Keep in mind that the actual, to-the-letter dimensions of the stages can and often DO change between initial design and implementation, meaning targets might be off by a bit here and there due to actual bay conditions.

Having said that, let's move on!

Minimum round count is 160/129. What does this mean? It means that, depending on the number of shooters, we may "opt out" of the last stage down the hill - known as Doe Valley. If we have enough shooters to warrant the additional squad, we shoot Doe Valley. If not, then we stay at the top of the hill (YAY!) but round count goes down (BOO!) I'd rather drive down the hill and get the extra stage, but it's in your hands - SO COME SHOOT, AND BRING FRIENDS!

Signup begins at 9:00 am CT at the Lodge in the front room. Registration is $20. The match will start at 10:00 am CT.

Classifier will be CM 99-04

RC 3_13 Stage 1.pdf

RC 3_13 Stage 2.pdf

RC 3_13 Stage 3.pdf

RC 3_13 Stage 4.pdf

RC 3_13 Stage 5 Bay 4.pdf

RC 3_13 Stage 6 Doe Valley.pdf

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TWC currently reports that Saturday The Rock will experience partly cloudy skies, 54° high, 10% chance of rain and wind out of the East at 10 mph. Friday has a 40% chance of rain, so the bays could still be damp but Saturday is looking good!

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Thanks to everyone who came out and shot with us. I normally post scores the same day, but its going to be Sunday before they're up this time.

I guess I'll jus' keep y'all in suspense!

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This weekend at the Rockcastle Shooting Center:

The USPSA pistol match was happening

The Benelli Tactical Shotgun Championship crew was laying out stages

The Metallic Silhouette group was shooting a match

A NRA Personal Protection in the Home class was going on

The Sporting Clay range is open with Bill McGuire giving lessons

Not to mention all the good food and refreshments being served up at the Park Mammoth Resort and Cave Valley Winery

Rockcastle is seriously one cool place!

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