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Help setting up Powder Check system.....

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Going from memory... you want the biggest rod that will fit inside the cases you are reloading. Weigh out the powder charge and pour it in the case, when the rod enters the case it should not set off the beeper. However an undercharge or overcharge should set it off. You can simulate an undercharge with an empty case or no case. It takes a little playing around to get it just right, make sure you don't stress the beeper tab too much or it can break. There is a nut on the rod you need to to tighten so the adjustment doesn't come undone. The actual instructions might be on Dillon's site under the 650 manual.

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well, yes the manual is on the dillon site so go download and read that.

EDIT. I just looked. No no specific manual for that system on their site however the instructions for the powder check

setup and those rods are all in your XL650 manual!!!

Well it shouldnt' be to hard to finger that out. Use the rod that fits inside the case ya are loading for.

Going from memory, and mine is weak.. big one is for 45 and up calibers. Next one down should work fine with 40mm ,9mm 38 calibers, and

the teeny one for those toy calibers like 5.56 NATO and 380ACP.

Do read that manual as the set up for rest of it may very well be non - obvious.

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