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Need for ambi-safety on open pistol

Blake Keiser

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I know it's essential for leftys and also that is makes a great place for the left thumb during weak hand standards, etc but otherwise I haven't seen a cof where I needed to use it as an actual safety. It's in the way sometimes for me and wondered if there is a reason not to remove it. BTW... on my gun it doesn't hold the left side lever on. (Tanfoglio Limited and Open.)

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On my USPSA open gun, I have the ambi-safety and like having a place to put my weak hand thumb. If its a stage (very very rare) that requires I draw and immediately switch the gun to my weak hand, I will grab the gun low on the grip with my strong hand to facilitate the transfer. In that case the ambi-safety is helpful.

But my 3-gun open class handgun has just the single side safety. I'm very new to 3-gun and my intent is to ground my handgun on its right side. With no safety there, less chance of the safety getting knocked off.


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