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7.62x40 Wilson Tactical anyone built one?


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So I am slowly putting together another AR. I have one for 3-gun, with the 300AAC fad going around my interest is peaked in a .30cal AR. I always have to be different and am liking the ballistics of the WT, besides I don't plan on spending the money for a suppressor and stamp that is necessary for those subsonic loads the 300aac was built for.

So, with that, has anyone built one? What I am most interested in, is if the modified magazine is a must. If I am only a few rounds short of a full mag, it wouldn't be the first time!!! Having to buy the the modified magazines isn't a deal breaker, but if I don't have too then even better.

Thanks for any info!

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I built one last year. Used Wilson's 16" barrel with mid-length gas block. Works like a charm. The brass is easy to form. Makes major easily with cheaper bulk Remington 150 PSPCL bullets (correct OAL, too). I like the Nosler 140gr Custom Comp bullet, but Nosler needs to move the cannelure rearward on the bullet to get perfect OAL for this cartridge (it makes Major easily, too).

The thing about mags is the width of the "shoulders" in the mag that ride on the neck of a .223 cartridge which are about .247" in diameter.

On the 7.62x40 (or as I like to call it, the 30x40) those shoulders are riding on the bullet which is .308, so the shoulders are too narrow in a quality stock magazine. That causes the bullets to start nose diving in the lower part of the mag when you get close to maximum capacity.

I have found that the cheap 40-round AR mags don't have the shoulders formed as deeply, so they work for the 30x40.

Wilson's Lancer 30-rounders work fine. I have gotten 20 rounders to work by machining the shoulders to proper size.

My only problem? Most of the matches that I go to have changed over to time-plus scoring with one A or two hits anywhere on the target neutralizing the target, which makes a major 3-gun rifle unnecessary. But if i ever go wild hog hunting, I've got the gun.

I had some Sierra 125 Pro-Hunters for that...again, perfect OAL.

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I would have considered the Wilson if I hadn't jumped into theBlackout with both feet. I don't see that much difference between them, so no regrets. I've found Troy mags to be the best thing for my longer loaded 300 blk major loads and need no modification. Their front internal rib isn't as pronounced and their springs are stronger than the Pmags. The Wilson modified Lancer mags work good as well.

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Ok, anyone want to provide an update on this? How does it group? Source for load data? I just rebarreled a .223 to 300 Blk, then got the bug to build a 7.62x39 AR. Now this? Doesn't seem like this round has really caught on though. I do like the better ballistics.

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