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Looking for a steel challenge club near SE Missouri

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Would like to shoot the steel challenge nationals after the ProAm, but would like to be classified first.I live 150 miles south of St. Louis and 150 miles north of Memphis. Steel challenge websight is pretty much worthless, it shows more dealers than clubs.

Thanks for the help, Ed

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I have no idea where closer than Texarcana Arkansas that you could get classified.

We can help you out with a place to shoot steel however. Our Club is within driving distance for you, at Houston Missouri.

We have the following steel targets to set up a match from:

Texas Star

8" Plate Rack w/6 plates

2 Ea Dueling Trees (Swing and Drop, they walk down the trees)

2 Ea Full Size Pepper Poppers

1 Reactive Pepper Popper w/IDPA Silhouette

12 each 16" Tomb Stones

6 each 8" Tomb Stones

2 each 8" Static Plates

6 each 8" Knock Down Plates

1 each Dual Swinger w/IDPA Silhouettes (Activated by Pepper Popper)

2 each "Shoot the Boot" Reactive Targets w/IDPA Silhouette (Shoot the exposed Boot, and an IDPA Silhouette drops out from behind cover or a Hostage)

We normally set a Match up for approximately 50 shots Minimum, if everything goes down on the first shot. We normally stage the Dueling Trees for 6 shots each. I believe they will set at the top for 10 shots each. Note you can enter more than one time. Entry Fee $10 first entry, $5 for additional entries.

Steel Match Schedule for 2013:

04 May 2013, 06 July 2013, 07 September 2013, 07 December 2013

Note: We shoot a Club Defensive Pistol match (Idpa Silhouettes) every other month. Steel one month and Defensive Pistol the next.

From where you are at, you would probably take 60 West to Mountain View Missouri.

Just as you are getting to Mtn View turn North on 17, go on through Summersville. At Yukon 137 & 17 run together for 1 mile. You will blend into 137 at the Wye. One mile down the road 17 will turn Left off of 137 going to Houston. Do not turn on 17, Stay on 137 going North till it Tees into B Highway at Raymondville. Turn Left on B going to Houston, The Range is on the left about 3 miles down the road. Look for a large Timber Frame sign on the left.

If you end up in Houston, B Highway turnes off of highway 63 on the North end of town. The Club is around 4 miles on the Right.

Again look for the large Timber Frame Sign. It is hard to miss the 117 foot long, 20 Bench, covered Bench Rest Line also. The place looks like a Range, it's hard to miss.

Big Piney Sportsman's Club

18012 Highway B

Houston Missouri.

Bob Roach Club President


The web site is being rebuilt at the moment.


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