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new guy with a quick question


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and mods if this is in the wrong section please move,,

Okay so i just made a profile but i have been lurking for awhile. and cant seem to find the answer to my question. im looking to get a eaa wintess and found one i like but i want to be able to swap to the other calibers if i want. what im looking at is a eaa witness compact 45

loks like this one.


is this the model that can change the uppers on? if not can someone give me a idea on which one im looking for ?

but here is what i have right now its a tangfolo ta90 in 9mm i love this gun


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The top gun you pictured can have different caliber uppers put on it. Just get a caliber conversion kit from EAA.

The second gun you pictured is not very common in the USA. This is basically a rebadged CZ pistol. If you like the physical layout of this then you should be looking at CZ pistols.

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