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Problem with my own hand getting in the way of my grip


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It could be alot of things.

The grip on the gun not fitting your hand. ( what are you shooting?)

Your style of grip. What is your shooting experience? I remember when I first started specificaly working on my grip the "right" way felt really unusual.

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My support hand doesn't touch the grip of the gun as much as my strong hand does. The heel, meaty part of the thumb, and very little, if any, of the middle part of the palm on my suport hand comes in contact with the grip. The middle part of the plam rides on top of, or kind of cups my strong hand fingers.

Some touch more of the grip with the support hand than others; it depends on the gun, size of ones hands, and technique. Are you expecting too much of the support hand to touch the grip? Maybe the strong hand is shifted too far forward and around the grip of the gun.

Here area a couple of photos from a 2010 Guns & Ammo article. The hands belong to Dave Sevigney and Brian Enos. And, here is a link to the article. It's a good read, and with more photos.



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I have been shooting USPSA for about two years and I mostly shoot a 1911 and recently started shooting a Gen 3 Glock 35. I notce it more with the 1911 than the Glock because of more narrow frame on the 1911. I think I have been gripping too low with my support hand and rotating my hand too far in front of the gun like what was said above. Now I just need to practice doing it the right way about a thousand times and see if I do better.

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