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Better to light a small candle than to curse the darkness

I can appreciate that since during a 6 hour power outage last night, I cursed at the darkness as I stubbed my toe on my way to lighting a candle....

That just made me do that laugh where you're blowing air through pursed lips with puffed out cheeks and it sounds like a fart. :)

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"Why are snipers considered the elite of SWAT and the entry guys are called entry monkeys?

We call 'em entry monkeys 'cos you can teach a monkey to burst through a door spraying rounds all over the place and screaming and generally causing mayhem.

You can't teach a monkey to shoot a scoped rifle...well you can TRY but all you do is get frustrated and piss off the monkey."

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An old sniper t-shirt I used to have had this on the front: LONG DISTANCE: the next best thing to being there.

On the back it had: LONG DISTANCE, reach out and touch someone.

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