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Feed Trouble with Check-mate Mags


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I shot with four new Check-mate mags today (cm45-8-s-h-ext). I averaged about two double feeds or rounds getting in front of the extractor claw every three mags. Very frustrating. I had trouble a few years ago with some 7-round Check-mate mags that had feed lips too far apart, letting rounds jump in front of the extractor during recoil; however, those earlier mags also wouldn't drop free. Ordering new mag springs from Wolff worked for the 7-round mags.

These new mags have no trouble dropping free but gave me a lot of problems today. Has anyone else had any trouble with these extended body 8-rounders? If so, were you able to cure them? Anyone make stronger springs for the extended body mags?

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photo 2 by adolphuscusins, on Flickr


photo 1 by adolphuscusins, on Flickr

The Tripp mags have run flawlessly so far. I plan on trying to shoot the following combinations to see if they work: (1) the Check-mate body, Check-mate follower, and Tripp spring, and (2) Check-mate body, Tripp follower, and Tripp spring. I'll post again with the results

The Check-mate spring wire measured about .048" in diameter.

The Tripp spring measured about .042" in diameter.

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