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Storing ammunition for long term


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However, vacuum packing eventually leaks. No bag is leak proof. I vacuum packed a lot of ammo before Y2K, and it only stayed in a vacuum for a couple of years. Even Food Saver doesn't hold up forever. That said, I have kept my primers in military ammo cans with dissicant for years, with no ill effects. I also use them for storing ammo. The "Preppers" usually seal bulk food in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. Some of them double it up and use a Food Saver to seal their food, then seal that in mylar, with oxygen absorbers in each layer. I'd suggest hitting Youtube and watching some food storage videos to get a feel for what's working for people. Search for "mylar", and you'll see days worth of coverage on food storage. If you stop and think about it, food and ammo really need similar methods of storage.

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Far as I know, ammo only needs to be dry & in relatively stable temperatures. There is plenty of WW II ammo floating around that has been kept that way & still works like the day it was made. I know it wasn't sealed with dessicants, resealed with oxygen absorbers & all that stuff. Not that that would be a bad thing, I guess but probably not necessary unless you live in a swamp & plan to bury it in your yard or something.

If I were planning on long term storage, I would buy some military ammo cans with good seals, fill 'em up with ammo & close them up. Some dessicant might not hurt but not sure I would worry about it. Then store them in my house somewhere that they would stay in relatively stable temperatures up off the floor in case of a plumbing leak. Probably not in the attic. I think that ammo would last longer than you will last. If they were reloads I might buy some primer & bullet sealer, just for the heck of it.


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