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I found a shop that had a few STI 40 mags. I stopped by and bought the last four that they had. I was pleasantly surprised to see that two of them had DP Tuned etched on the back. They also had basepads that were rounded instead of flat. The other two were plain STI mags. When I got home, I was extremely disappointed to find out that the two DP mags would not consistently hold the 40SW rounds inside the feeds lips, they just kept popping out like the feed lips were too wide. The two stock mags worked fine and both held 18 rds reloadable. And then it hit me. The two DP mags must be 45acp mags, not 40SW. I did some research online and realized that these were, in fact 45 acp mags as the lines in the side of the mags were not as deep as in the 40SW mags. Crap!

My question is, can these mag feed lips be adjusted to reliably run 40 rounds? Or are the mag walls too wide inside to let the 40SW rounds stack properly?



What do you guys think? Thanks in advance.

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As you already questioned, if they are .45 mags, the walls will be too wide to let .40 feed correctly. Grab a few .45 rnds and see if they fit. Easy way to know for sure. If they are .45 mags, you would most likely be better off leaving them as they are. They wont carry the premium price of 9mm and .40 mags, but there is still a demand for them, and you wont risk turning them into garbage.

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