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550B and conversion

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This is my first Dillon. After a seven week wait, i finally got the press yesterday. This may be a dumb question but here goes. Should the 9mm conversion kit have been in the box with the press ? I got everything else, Strong Mount, bullet tray, roller handle and empty case bin. After a long wait, i still can use the machine without the conversion. Thanks

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Only if you ordered it that way.

The press can be ordered with or without.

Check the packing slip / invoice.

I can only imagine as busy at they are, it might have been overlooked.

And they do not come with dies - those have to be ordered separately.

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Talked to Dillon this morning and they said it should have been in the box. Said they were sending one out today ! They are a top notch company for sure.

Yes they are. I've never bought a 550 but on my 1050 it came installed and adjusted inc the dies.

I can only imagine how busy they are these days.

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The gentleman did say they were swamped and that they had put on some extra help and maybe thats how it was forgotten. Told them i totally understood. Warpspeed, i see you're from Ca. I've always wondered if components are harder to come by there since they have much stricter laws than most states here in the east. Just wondering.

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