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Newbie ? RL550 for Rifle?


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Just joined. I don't shoot comp so I'll be asking lots of questions. Decided to get into reloading to make custom rifle loads. I am the proud owner of a Ranger Governor 7MM Rem Mag (Homer Koons designed the action and I am told that Joe Dubiel was involved so the genetics are top notch and it shoots far better than the idiot operating the trigger). Problem is the thump in the shoulder makes a beautiful gun uncomfortable for practice. So I decided to learn all I could about reloading to create target loads with less kick that have a trajectory similar to my hunting ammo.

Now I am considering a Dillon to load pistol ammo while I wait on the Co-Ax single stage press for rifle. 3 months of reading forums and books, I want to get started. Plus I bought a pair of IWI Baby Desert Eagles in 9MM and ammo all disappeared. Shooting my 1911 gets expensive and I was recently offered a good deal on a Kimber .45 - though the fact the owner admitted he wanted money to buy a Desert Eagle 1911 gives me pause to think I should buy the DE1911 OR maybe a DE44 in which case I will definitely have to reload pistol ammo.

Then there is my 30.06 - it needs ammo too, though my local Cabelas has been able to meet my needs there.

So here is my first question: anyone have experience loading rifle rounds on a RL550? Seems as though it could be the closest thing to a one press for all my needs. But I am strongly considering a Square Deal set up for 9MM and get the quick change to load .45, then just stick with the original plan on the rifles. I don't plan to add any more rifle calipers, can't confidently say the same for pistols. Any opinions would be welcome.

Second question - and while there are no dumb questions, this one is close to dumb as it can get: can a RL550 be set up to load shotgun rounds? I kinda like bird hunting . . . a lot. And I shoot a Benelli Montefeltro for upland hunting and keep a Benelli SBEII for duck and geese. Neither are well suited for skeet and trap but I do it anyway because the wife put the brakes on a Frachi trap gun purchase.

Last question for today: on Dioon's website it says a BL550 can be upgraded to a RL550 but there is Norway a newbie like myself can know what parts are needed to upgrade. Can anyone enlighten me on this subject?

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Welcome. I load 30-06 on a Dillon 550B. Works great. If you want, you can take off the powder measure and custom measure each powder drop. The rest works as a progressive press. I have a second press(with casefeeder) that runs all my pistol loads. The only difference between a RL 550b and a BL 550B is the automatic powder feed and the automatic primer setup. The sizing,depriming, bullet seating and crimping is the same.You would need to hand prime your brass.

Also, grab the deal on the Kimber. I have a DE 50AE and love it. It's loaded on the 550B.

P.S You can't load shotgun on a 550. You need the Dillon 900. This site is full of info. Start reading. :cheers:

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